Jay-Z’s Blueprint

    The blueprint just like we know exactly tells us how things should be built of created. It is some sort of manual to tell you specifically what to do without the use of words. But Jay-Z’s Blueprint does not contain instructions or diagrams, but it contains the rap artist’s lyrical abilities and the music that blend well with it. Millions of fans have waited for this comeback and critics are again brimming with anticipation on how the new album would fare. The sensational rapper-entrepreneur has been behind the scenes with fellow artists and newfound promising talents for a while now making the Blueprint 3 album an album to watch. Many will find out if it could surpass the successes of his past albums and if the new album still has the old Jay-Z sound or if he already evolved into someone who has grown more mature as far as his lyrics are concerned.

    The first Blueprint album simply talked about the hip hop life of Jay-Z. The second Blueprint boldly told of how original Jay-Z’s music is and the third could be the closure for the first two Blueprint. Does the third Blueprint album talk about death and afterlife? Will the MC reach his end with this album that will clamor for a better follow up project? Setting the bar so high sometimes can be very impossible to reach. Will Blueprint 3 fall short of the expectations of fans and critics? The first 2 Blueprints spawned masterpieces by the master rapper and it could be difficult to surpass or even equal those worldwide acclaimed chart toppers.

    Undoubtedly, the Blueprint 3 album would still be brilliant and any album from the master himself will always be a masterpiece no matter what. One good thing about the project is the presence of Alicia Keys in one of the lead tracks in the album. Her still very impressive voice renditions made “Empire State of Mind” sound so good it could drown everything else in the album. The song is so poignant it tells of Jay-Z’s two different lives, one as a child and one as what he is in the Big Apple. His lyrics tell about how life can be a trap for everyone and living it wrongly could be the end of it all and there’s just nothing that can be done about it.

    This brings us to the humble beginnings of Jay-Z as a child in the Marcy Houses projects in Brooklyn. Shawn Carter in real life, led the lifestyle of a gangster blaming the government for its incompetence and this story was narrated or rapped in his album American Gangster. People wonder if the Blueprint 3 album still contains the same kind of angst as another tribute to his hood or is the new album a reflection of his life with his beloved wife Beyonce.

    The Blueprint 3 is actually a perfect blend of the past, the present and what could be. His sentiments about these things can be described in the track “Real As It Gets”. It also tells people that life can change just as fast as a drop of a hat.

    Some of the great hard licking beats and raps in the Blueprint 3 album are “What We Talkin’ About” and “D.O.A.” meaning “Death of Auto-Tune”. Timbaland also graced a couple tracks like “Off That” and “Reminder”. Kanye West also contributed “Hate” which I’m pretty sure is not a track inspired by Taylor Swift. However the album fares with all of Jay-Z’s past albums, fans are still thankful and happy that the master took the time to produce another album for them.

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